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Welcome to Star Family Movers, your reliable and professional moving company serving Spruce Grove and the surrounding areas. We specialize in residential moves, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home within our vibrant community. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about our services tailored specifically for Spruce Grove residents, local moving tips, the benefits of choosing us as your local movers, and frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your move. Let’s dive in!

Comprehensive Moving Services

We understand that every move is unique, especially within a close-knit community like Spruce Grove. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless moving experience from start to finish.

Full-Service Residential Moving in Spruce Grove

Our full-service residential moving package includes everything you need for a successful move within Spruce Grove. From packing and loading to transportation and unloading, our experienced team handles it all. We use high-quality packing materials to protect your belongings and ensure they arrive at your new home safely.

Local Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing can be one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of moving. Let our professional packers take care of it for you. We carefully pack your items, label each box, and provide an inventory list for easy tracking. Once we arrive at your new home in Spruce Grove, we’ll unpack and set up your belongings according to your preferences.

Specialty Item Moving

Have valuable or delicate items that require special care? Our specialty item moving service is designed to handle items such as pianos, antiques, artwork, and electronics. We use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure these items are transported safely and securely.

Storage Solutions

Need storage during your move? We offer secure and climate-controlled storage options for short-term or long-term needs. Whether you need to store a few items or the contents of your entire home, we have the perfect solution for you.

Edmonton to Spruce Grove Movers

At Star Family Movers, we specialize in seamless relocations from Edmonton to Spruce Grove. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your move as smooth and efficient as possible. We handle all aspects of the move, from packing your belongings securely to ensuring safe and timely transportation. Our local expertise allows us to navigate both cities effectively, ensuring a hassle-free transition to your new home in Spruce Grove.


Professional Movers

Furniture Disassembly & reassembly

Registered & Insured Moving Services


Furniture and Fragile Items Protection

Moving Tips And Check List

Moving within Spruce Grove can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and organization, it can be a smooth and efficient process. Here are some essential moving tips and a checklist tailored for Spruce Grove residents to help you prepare for your move.

1. Plan Ahead

Start planning your move at least two months in advance. Create a moving timeline and checklist to keep track of tasks and deadlines. Book your moving date with Star Family Movers early to secure your preferred date.

2. Declutter and Downsize

Before packing, take the time to declutter and downsize your belongings. Donate, sell, or dispose of items you no longer need or use. Consider donating to local Spruce Grove charities or holding a garage sale in your neighborhood.

Moving Box
Spruce Grove Packing company

3. Gather Packing Supplies

Collect all the necessary packing supplies, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and markers. Consider using eco-friendly packing materials to reduce your environmental impact.

4. Label and Inventory

Label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. Create an inventory list to keep track of all your belongings. This will make unpacking easier and help you identify any missing items.

Spruce Grove Packing Boxes

 5. Notify Important Parties

Inform important parties about your move, including your utility companies, bank, insurance providers, and the postal service. Update your address with these entities to ensure a smooth transition.

What Our Customer’s Are Saying

Ifeanyi Kanu
Ifeanyi Kanu
Perfect Movers. They were so careful with my belongings, also went ahead to assemble beds and kept items in the correct location. Nothing was damaged. I'll highly recommend them.
Cindy Sirko
Cindy Sirko
Both worked hard to complete my move in a timely matter. Alex came back next day to check on an issue with a piece of furniture. I would recommend him and Star Family Movers.
Jingxuan Zhang
Jingxuan Zhang
Sahil Dhull
Sahil Dhull
The service given by your company is really appreciated and specially the work and cooperation by Alex is mind blowing and superb. I really love his effort to put all the stuff in a better way in the truck.
From start to finish, my experience with Star Family Movers in Edmonton was nothing short of exceptional. As someone who dreads the chaos of moving, finding a company that could alleviate my stress was crucial. Star Family Movers exceeded all my expectations, earning a well-deserved five-star review.
I recently hired Star Family movers for my relocation, and I couldn't be more pleased with the service they provided. From start to finish, they were professional, efficient, and made the entire moving process seamless. The team arrived on time and ready to work. They handled all of my belongings with care, ensuring that everything was properly packed and secured for the move. I was particularly impressed with their attention to detail when handling fragile items. Not a single item was damaged during the move, which speaks volumes about their expertise. Throughout the move, the crew was friendly, courteous, and incredibly hardworking. They worked diligently to load and unload the truck, making sure that everything was placed exactly where I wanted it in my new home. Their efficiency meant that the move was completed in a timely manner, which I greatly appreciated. In addition to their excellent moving services, the pricing was fair and transparent. There were no hidden fees or surprises, and I felt that I received great value for the service provided. Thank you team and special thanks to ~Alexander Ajuzieogu Overall, I highly recommend
Austin Ukwu
Austin Ukwu
Swift On time delivery, professional service and great satisfaction. I will order service again.
Kyle Burtch
Kyle Burtch
Alex helped me out on short notice no questions asked on a Saturday. He's worth a call for sure.
Kene Ezeh
Kene Ezeh
Star family movers, did an excellent job for me. They are very considerate. I have never experienced a good job until they moved me. Thank you for the wonderful work.

Professional Moving Company in Spruce Grove

At Star Family Movers, we proudly serve the Spruce Grove community with top-notch moving services tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced movers ensures that every move is handled with care, efficiency, and professionalism. Whether you’re relocating within Spruce Grove or to a neighboring area, we provide comprehensive services including packing, unpacking, specialty item moving, and secure storage solutions.

Our local expertise allows us to navigate the Spruce Grove area efficiently, ensuring timely and hassle-free relocations. We use high-quality packing materials and state-of-the-art equipment to protect your belongings throughout the moving process. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making us the trusted choice for your move.

Experience the difference of working with a truly professional moving company.

Spruce Grove Moving Services for an Office

At Star Family Movers, we specialize in providing top-tier office moving services tailored to the businesses of Spruce Grove. Understanding the importance of minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition, our team is adept at handling every aspect of office relocations. From packing and transporting office furniture and equipment to setting up your new workspace, we ensure a seamless and efficient move.

Our professional movers use high-quality packing materials and equipment to safeguard your office items, allowing you to focus on your business operations without disruption. Our local expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that your office move is completed promptly and securely, minimizing any impact on your business activities.